Marzemino! Mozart loved this wine!

Mozart must have loved his wine because this is a true wine-lover’s wine. This New Zealand beauty was my first taste of this Italian red grape, which features in one of Mozart’s most well-known operas, Don Giovanni:

Versa il vino!

Eccellente Marzemino!

Church Road Marzemino 2009

Church Road Marzemino 2009

This particular drop is from Church Road winery in Taradale, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. The first impression is its dark deep plum colour and its lovely earthy nose, with lots of spice, deep ripe berries and plums and soft leather. The nose is surprisingly aromatic and enticing and the wine opened up beautifully as we supped. As my drinking colleague Brian said, “the more you drink it the nicer it gets!”

On the palate the earthiness and leather wrap around ripe plums, lots of berries and dark cherries, filling your mouth with generous flavours. This is a soft and smooth wine, with the leathery texture of a pinot noir, but a touch more ripe and fruity.

Marzemino in the glass

Marzemino in the glass

Technical term – yummy!

The grape is from northern Italy, particularly Trentino, and it is the first time I have ever seen it in the southern hemisphere. Church Road have done a masterful job. Known already for many years for their fine Hawke’s Bay reds, this wine should be tried by those who are wine-obsessed like me and by those who just love a tasty easy drinking red with some complexity and pure yumminess.

Plus it is a bargain at just NZ$25 or thereabouts.

Alcohol 13.0%, unfiltered. Senior winemaker Chris Scott.

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  1. foxress says:

    It sounds absolutely…what was that technical term? I love that you linked the grape to Mozart. That makes the wine all the more intriguing.

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